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Marienburger Mercenary Army
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Ze strony GW...
The Golden Horde – All That Glitters…
Marienburg is a rich city, perhaps the richest in all of the Old World. There, gold flows like the waters of the Reik. However, the wealth of Marienburg draws many covetous eyes, and often the city is required to muster defenders to keep greedy hands away from the treasure vaults. As a port city, pirates and other lowly outlaws are commonplace in the streets. These brigands are sometimes drafted into service with the military in return for the promise of a few coins and plenty of loot to be found on the battlefield.
The Golden Horde would of course use a lot of precious metals or jewels as decorations. Consider adding filigree to any cannons or shields or using overflowing treasure chests to represent unit standards. Some banners may even go so far as to bear an image of a gold coin for an inspiring symbol! Free Companies could be represented as dock scum or pirates, and the cannons of the army could appear to have been recently rolled right off a pirate ship. You could use Mordheim Marienburger models to represent Free Companies or Swordsmen.
The Marienburger Mercenary Army list from Warhammer Armies: Empire would fit this theme the best. Mydas the Mean makes an excellent Regiment of Renown for the Golden Horde. A Wizard of the Golden Order (or even Balthasar Gelt himself) would make a fine addition as well.

Army list jest miedzy innymi w Army Builderze.
Super armia, biorac pod uwage ich roznorodnosc.

Czy mozna tym grac jedynie towarzysko w domu? Czy jest dopuszczane na turniejach... watpie ale pytam dla pewnosci. Staram sie zlozyc jakas rozpiske na wakacje :)